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Parodia Roseoluteus
  • Parodia Roseoluteus

    Probably only a variant in flower colour of the very variable Parodia mammulosa. It has stems to 18 cm in diameter, usually solitary or slowly branching from the base with Yellow/brown spines, and pink/light salmon flowers with yellow throat up to 8 cm in diameter. This plant seems to incorporate some of the features of both Parodia mammulosa and Parodia herteri. Both flower colour and spination seem to be midway between the two species. The plant can ultimately reach the size of P. herteri but it flowers at a much smaller size and withstands some winter coldness.

    What you will get:

    - Plant that is exactly on the photo

    - Plant will be sent bare rooted

    - Currently potted in a 150mm pot


    Size:7cm across

    AU$35.00 Regular Price
    AU$29.75Sale Price

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