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Dr Greenthumbs Pumice 1-7mm

Dr Greenthumbs Pumice 1-7mm

Pumice is an all nature soil aerator that enhances drainage in raised beds and pots.

Consisting of microscopic pores on the outer surface, pumice releases water at a steady rate whilst retaining nutrients and releasing them back slowly to the soil. Pumice can also be soaked in nutrient solutions for 24hrs prior to mixing with soil.

Ideal for bonsai, cactus, succulent and no till gardening enthusiasts for its amazing drainage abilities.


Product Disclosure*

This medium is supplied to us in bulk by Dr. Greenthumbs, to minimise postage costs, we have packaged this in 3L bags which is enough to fill 3x 130mm standard nursery pots.


What you will get: 

- 3 Litre Bag conveniently packed in a zip lock bag 




    AU$9.00 Regular Price
    AU$7.65Sale Price

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